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When someone says copier or MFP (Multi-Functional Printer) there are many different things that comes to someone’s mind. Over the next few paragraph’s I would like to clarify the different types of MFP’s we carry and service.

Small Work Group

This group is what is typically referred to as a “desktop printer”. The normal output speed is 20-35 pages per minute. Small work groups consist of 1-5 users and an approximate monthly output of under 2,000 sheets of paper per month. This is the size of work group that most commonly spends too much on printing already.

Medium Work Group

This group is when most companies start to look at full sized copiers. The normal output speed is 40-60 pages per minute. This group consists of 6-25 users and an approximate monthly output of less than 17,000 sheets of paper per month. This is what you could consider as an expertise of ours at Streamlined Office Solutions.

Large Work Group

At this point the group is anywhere from 25-50 users or an abnormally high print output from a lesser number of users and an approximate monthly output of 17,000+ pages per month. The normal output speed is 60-90 pages per minute.

We carry and maintain full color and black and white options for all of the above mentioned groups. Any and all companies can benefit from our free consultation to show just how we can reduce cost and leverage technology to streamline your business.

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